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Propulsé par Medalist

5 absolute Legends! So much respect to those guys and proud to be sqeezed in the middle there! • (From left to right: coach money Mooney @thefreddymooney, no introduction needed for the King @mikaelkingsbury, the one leg moguls skier in the middle, Marc-Antoine a.k.a. King Gagnon a.k.a Carlo Turbo and our chief, our leader Coach Kober or Roberto) • Special mention to the photograph 📸 and obvious 6th Legends of this crew @ramblingvagabond ... and the last but not least @sean_nugent for your dedication to this team and the harsh trainings sessions you make us go through #KeepFighting #OneTeam #Olympics @freestylecanadaski @teamcanada

No guts no glory! Over the past few days, I won much more than an olympic medal... and for that I’ll be forever grateful! #KeepFighting • Thanks for all the positive vibes you guys! • Congrats to this legend @mikaelkingsbury and warrior Marc-Antoine! What a fight! Love you brothers! @teamcanada @olympics

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À ceux qui ont le courage de se relever quand le défi est grand, je vous salue! #PyeongChang2018 est, et restera, gravé dans ma mémoire pour toujours.

Merci pour vos nombreux mots d'encouragement! Mission accomplie!

Incroyablement fier des performances de Mikaël et Marc-Antoine, mais surtout des personnes exceptionnelles que j'ai la chance de côtoyer jour après jour!⁠…
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Mes qualifications ont lieu ce soir à 21h45 HE ! 👊

PyeongChang 2018 - 2018 평창 동계올림픽대회 및 동계패럴림픽대회

Qualifications are tonight Feb, 8 @6:45pm PST/9:45pm EST! 👊⁠…