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With the federal elections weeks away, the timing couldn’t have been better to talk about #ClimateChange & #ClimateAction with @hotplanet_coolathletes_canada and @protectourwinterscanada right here right now in the National Capital❄️ There is a powerful and inspiring wave building in the climate change movement and people are starting to be active more than ever before. Kids are energized. They inspire us to act. To dictate our path in this alarming urgency. Lets not be afraid to #SpeakUp and unify our voices! 🙏🏼🌎🗣 We need you too! Join the POW Canada initiative and learn more on how you can act. (The Global climate strike on September 27 would be a good start) 😉

72 holes later ⛳️ . Another successful trip to Jay Peak and just like everything, we had some ups, some downs. We struggled and outdid ourselves. We screamed and laughed making great memories along the way. But we sure have to keep this game about fun more than anything! . It was a #SlamDunk weekend! 😉

Je préfère quand ça monte pis ça descend, mais la vue du sentier #LeRiverain donne pas sa place! . La randonnée pédestre, c’est aussi ça l’automne au Québec! 🥾☀️🍂

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Road trippin’ in Chile 🇨🇱 . Now in Corralco skiing on Valcanos!

Found this emoji 🌄 in Chile! . . The sunsets here are simply the best! 🤯👌🏼🤤

A few short hours before heading down to Chile 🇨🇱😁 Last time I was down there was in 2006 with Freestyle Quebec. . . Swipe right ➡️ if you want to see « baby face » Phil from my previous time in El Colorado!

Rouler le long du fleuve 🚴🏼‍♂️ d’une Microbrasserie à une autre 🍻... @auxfousbrassant -> Tête d’Allumette // Biking from one brewery to another...

Happy Camper! Sharing my time home between the city & the lake. Stoked to be in Quebec for all July. First time in yearsss The quiet time at the lake is priceless! 🎣 . Nothing beats the fresh air by the lake! . #FishOn #Stoneham #Nature

I’m so excited to announce that I’m joining @protectourwinterscanada athletes team!!! ❄️ . It’s a true honor to stand along side many great ambassadors, role models that I’ve looked up to (thanks to @mikedski for reaching out to me 🙏🏼), and share this common enthusiasm about our mountains, our nature, our planet. SKI has been my passion since day 1, and we’re facing some REAL climat challenges. POW is an organization, but more importantly a community of outdoor fanatics that actively address climat change. . It’s something that has been in the back of my head for some time, and today mark a step in the right direction for me. I’m happy to represent my country, my sport, and hope to inspire many more to join the movement. Lets all save what we love the most : our NATURE! 🏔🌎❄️🍁🌲🌨 . #TeamPOW #POWerInNumbers