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Few months ago I said I planned to be back in 2019. Bold statement with the way my rehab was going. . Yesterday, the comeback was real!!! . 11 months since competing at the Olympics with no ACL, 10 months post-op with only a few training runs, I made it 2 spots shy of the final top-16 at the Calgary WC. Nothing’s perfect but that’s a hell of a big step in my rehab! . Thanks to everybody that were and still are part of my journey. There is so many but I know that you know who you are. Your help is priceless and means the world to me! . 📸 : @csicalgary / @davehollandpics

It’s not about the money, but its no secret it can bring you to that next level!. . This fall, through @athletescan, I received a nice financial support from « Investors Group Wealth Management Amateur Athlete Fund ». At that point, I was rehabbing real hard to hopefully make it back in the starting gate by 2019. Not knowing if I would succeed, I still accepted the 5000$ bursary but made the decision to split and donate 2000$ to a young teammate who could use the help on his journey to #Beijing2022. This young fellow is @kch1lo, who has started is moguls prouesse with me back in @stationstoneham. Like I always say, he’s my « brother from another mother »!. . Lets fly high in 2019 my friend! #Dreamers #KeepFighting

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Happy tears from 2018!!! . Ah 2018! You were much tougher than I expected. You were excited and yet, made me cry unexpectedly a lot. But, at the end, thanks for the great memories, the unprecedented learning, the cool experiences and the love and support! . Ready for you 2019!!! 🥳

The most beautiful time of the year! ✨ . Quelle est votre activité des Fêtes préférée? 🥅⛸🎿⛷🏂🛷🏒🥌